Reverse Your Skinny Fat Curse
Discover how skinny fat guys are melting 5, 10 even 20 kg of fat in 120 days by addressing a deficient anabolic compoundwithout hormone therapy, putting your social life on hold, or punishing cardio.
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The Hormonal Deficiency Robbing Skinny Fat Guys From Making Gains
It's no secret skinny fat guys got dealt the worst genetics. As a result, their body is deficient in a crucial muscle building and fat burning compound.

Which means when they eat more to try to build muscle, the food seems to go to their love handles, man boobs and back fat, and if they cut their calories in an effort to lean out, they end up looking even more scrawny, lanky, and bony.

But when they "fix" this anabolic deficiency, skinny fat guys are in prime position to lean out and build muscle AT THE SAME TIME.

Having worked with over 400 skinny fat guys over the last 10 years, I’ve perfected a powerful two phase framework phase every skinny fat dude MUST deploy if they want to lean out and build muscle. 

In my free workshop The Skinny Fat Awakening, I pull back the curtain and reveal how you can apply this two park framework into your fitness routine immediately.  This workshop will help you wave goodbye to your skinny fat physique forever so you can feel proud of the person looking back at you in the mirror.
Ready To Kiss Goodbye To Your 
Skinny Fat Physique Forever?
After Fixing A Hormonal Deficiency, These Guys Went From 
Flabs To Abs 
"After letting myself go I got skinny fat. I reached out to Dan and in a little under a year I managed to add 14 inches of muscle to my frame and shifted 20 kg of body fat."
Roy McCann
28, Police Officer
"I'd tried all the fad diets...Slimming World, low carb, Herbalife, but nothing worked for me. After implementing The Skinny Fat Awakening I managed to shift 10 kg of body fat and keep it off for good".
Joe Roscoe
38, Plumber
"I was following the workout plans and diets in men's Health magazines but they made me feel like weak, tired, and I lose muscle. The Skinny Fat Awakening helmed me lose fat and build muscle at the same time".
Andy West
38, Armed Police Officer
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