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At Your Wits End, Ready To Throw In The Towel?

Chances are you've tried the free workouts, calisthenics, home eworkout plans, running, swimming...

Low carb diet, keto, eating clean, even counting calories...

...but nothing seems to work for your skinny fat body type.

Even if you do lose weight, you end up looking skinny, often rebounding the weight you lose in a few weeks.

And when you try adding muscle, any weight seems to go to your belly, not your muscles.

It's like no matter what diet or training plan you follow, you can't see results for the effort your'e putting in.

That said, 100's of skinny fat men in their 30s, 40s, and 50s are turning the tables on their bony, narrow shoulders and flabby belly with the Skinny Fat Awakening.

As a result, they're commanding respect from others with their newfound confidence, being taken seriously because they've got a presence about them, and others want to be in their company because they're fun and inspiring to be around.

Check them out below...
Roy - 28 - Police Officer
"After letting myself go I felt like my work colleagues didn't take me seriously. So I got into the best shape of my life, strong and fit. And now others treat my differently because they respect me"
Patrick - 49 - I.T Consultant
"I got better results with The Skinny Fat Awakening program and working with Dan in four months compared to a lifetime of writing my own programs and diets through self-experimentation"
Andrew - 35 - Civil Service
"Being skinny fat meant I lacked confidence. So I'd always blend into the background in social situations and my voice was never heard. Now I'm far more confident and others treat me differently as a result."

Say No More To A Belly That Pokes Out In T-Shirts

Constantly folding your arms to hide your belly in photos, avoiding going swimming, and wearing black even in 30 degree weather, missing out on fun and making memories because you're self conscious about your belly is no way to live a life. 

 You'll Have Others Admiring Your Physique

With an outline of abs, arms that fill out t-shirt sleeves, and a confident posture others will start taking you seriously and respect you more because you've got a presence and an aura about you.

 Say Goodbye To Low Or Lower Than Optimal Testosterone

Constantly lacking motivation, drive, energy, and saying "not tonight love, I'm tired" whenever your partner initiates sex because you've lost your sex drive. Not to mention you find it virtually impossible to build muscle, and the food you eat seems to go to your fat stores.

Optimal Levels Of Testosterone

A get up and go attitude, ready to smash every goal you set yourself while building a newfound deeper relationship with your partner because you've got your libido back.

 No More Swimming In Your T-Shirts

Narrow shoulders and thin arms that could be mistaken for chopsticks. You're known as "the guy who can't stick the gym"  to your family or friendship circle, and you're ready to change that.

Packing Out T-Shirt Sleeves

You get compliments from others like: "Jeeze, have you been working out" while your friends are convinced you've ben on steroids because of your gains.

By Addressing A Hormonal Deficiency, These Guys Flipped 
The Tables On Their Skinny Fat Physique...

Will You Be Next?

You'll Get A Six Pack & Bulging Biceps With The Skinny Fat Awakening If You're...


As personal as the program is and how much support you'll get, you need to be able to motivate yourself to the gym (or workout from home with basic equipment) to get good results.

Coachable & Open Minded

If you're willing to accept you don't have the all the answers, and you've come to the realisation it's what you don't know that holding you back from getting abs and filling out t-shirt sleeves, congratulations, you're ready to be coached to get insane results.

 A Man Over The Age Of 30

Expertise and excellence are only developed when focusing on a niche. So while I welcome everyone to the site, I do not work with all people. I work exclusively with men who're over the age of 30.

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